Meet our company

Our company is the story of 70 years of hard and demanding work


Firma Borzyński was established in 1945 by Franciszek Borzyński. Originally it was engaged in blacksmithing, including art blacksmithing. To meet the demands of companies renovating monuments and other buildings damaged by WWII, Firma Borzyński supplies forged grating, gates and railings.

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50s and 60s

In 1950’s and 1960’s Firma Borzyński manufactures such agricultural machinery as horse-pulled ploughs and tillers

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In 1990’s Firma Borzynski starts co-operation with a number of reputable companies. It supplies cabs for a several kinds of tractors distributed all over Poland, furniture fittings for HASTE, IKEA and HORNBACH, valves and grates for gas cookers for WROZAMET MASTERCOOK and parts of multifunctional machine tools.

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New millenium
and development plans.

New millennium brought our company a lot of changes and opportunities in new directions of production and distribution.

yr 2000

First valve guards for technical gas cylinders are manufactured.

yr 2003

Road construction accessories are introduced

yr 2007

New models of guards and caps boost sales worldwide

yr 2011

After engaging in The City Stadium construction in Wrocław, Firma Borzynski continues to develop

yr 2015

Construction works of new production hall are commenced.

Valve caps

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